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Private flamenco

master classes with costume


Exclusive bespoke costume flamenco dancing, singing and clappings master classes & programms for private groups.
From 1H flamenco master class to 3H/6H/12H custom made programms


flexible Monday-Sunday 



Ask for your needs, level, wishes and we will create a bespoke master class, master classes or programm with flamenco clothing

Tel/whatsapp + 34 692 30 36 34


Pro Studio Location

Our Pro Flamenco Studio with top air conditioning is at the city center, at 50 Gravina St. A great top air conditioned dance studio at the street level.




We offer several options with flamenco clothing

  1. 1hr Flamenco dance master class
  2. Flamenco history/styles/palms/dance master class 1.5hrs/2hrs
  3. Flamenco Worshops 5hrs or 10hrs
  4. Master dance class with a flamenco guitarrist and singer from 1hr
  5. History/styles/palms/dance master class with a guitarrist and singer
1. Exclusive 1hr Flamenco Master dance class 


Immerse yourself into the Flamenco culture. Everybody can enjoy dancing flamenco with a local taste! Enjoy my special private flamenco classes for beginners and absolute beginners!

Are you a beginner or an absolute beginner? Are you interested in learning a bit more about Flamenco?   Do not care about it. Flamenco is not easy at all , so classes and workshops are adapted and personalized to pupil´s skills and start from 0 and I will customize it for you. So relax, learn and enjoy!

We'll start from zero and you'll learn a brief introduction of Flamenco's origins, concepts and culture that will make you understand Flamenco, Professional vs Local and the following flamenco shows . Then,  we will break everything into pieces going on basic body positions, professional footwork, flamenco rhythms, handclapping and basic arms-hands work. After feeling comfortable with them, you will be ready to learn and dance a fun flamenco routine in one flamenco style with local taste wearing studio flamenco clothing: 

  • ​for female: flamenco shoes, flamenco studio skirts, t-shirts, flamenco shawls "mantoncillo" and flamenco big flowers
  • for male: flamenco shoes, t-shirts, pants, flamenco scarves "pañuelo" and flamenco vests "chaleco" 

During the last part of the lesson, you can record the performance on your phone or take pictures to keep your flamenco memories in Seville forever.

I will also be happy to chat with you and share my local tips to get the most out of your stay in this magic city.Immerse yourself into the Flamenco culture at a professional flamenco studio at the city center, nearby Triana, the most emblematic hood!


1h Private Lesson with outfit:from 40€/person for 8 people.  
Ask for other options pricing. 


Flamenco masterclass
Flamenco complete outfit: 

  • flamenco shoes, flamenco studio skirts, t-shirts, flamenco shawls "mantoncillo" and flamenco big flowers for her 
  • flamenco shoes, t-shirts, pants, flamenco scarves "pañuelo" and flamenco vests "chaleco" for him


Group size

Minimum 2 people up to 30 people at our studio. 

Ask for larger private groups or any customized classes or events



English, Français y Español


General Conditions



I highly recommend this flamenco master class & show experience. In one hour Eva taught us how to dance basic Flamenco. Great teacher, singer and dancer!!! 

Amazing flamenco team. One of the best team building activies I have had ever.

Patricia Acosta. Danone France. June 2023

¡Sencillamente excelente! Malena es muy dulce y una maestra natural. 

Es una experiencia mágica que recomiendo a todos aquellos que quieran adentrarse en la cultura de Sevilla y el flamenco.

Sofía Bernard. May 2023