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Discovering The Local Taste of Seville. I love Flamenco and Triana, the "barrio sevillano" where I was born and I am pleased to share my passions with you. Focussing on Experiential Tourism.


I believe it would be good for everybody to know that I start all my workshops and classes from zero, specially flamenco lessons. Learning from zero, as an adult, specially Flamenco is really hard, so I adjust my classes to my pupils skills. Could a Doctor in Literature teach the vowels to children? That is why I am a specialist in teaching beginners and absolute beginners.


Flamenco does not belong to anyone. Flamenco was born from sharing cultures. Flamenco is world wide beloved #flamencofromzero #flamenco4all. Keep calm and have lots of fun! Want to know a bit more about me?  .- Eva Izquierdo

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