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ABOUT EVA: Local Travel Experiences Expert

Hi, I am Eva Izquierdo, Founder, CEO, Local Travel Experiences Expert and Flamenco teacher at iShowU Sevilla. I was born and raised in Triana , the most emblematic hood in Seville, Spain.

When I was 6 y.o. I have started dancing flamenco, thanks to Mom! And I felt in love with it. Geeting back in 1997 Germany, searching the seeds of my currently businnes, I have started teaching flamenco to absolute beginners as a student exchange at the Fachhochschule Aachen. Studying bussines and teaching flamenco, simply amazing. After sixteen years, I got a Bussiness degree at Sevilla University, a carreer of Shopping Center Manager, a teaching children and adults background and the feeling of having found my way: profesional and personal. Originally I mixed all my passions and I wanted to share them with special travellers. That was iShowU Sevilla, I wanted to show my Sevilla. A local, personal and special experience of the city with locals experts.

So I founded iShowU Sevilla in 2013: learning flamenco with Eva, a passionate local flamenco expert and Triana native. Custom Flamenco & Triana Workshops and Tours. "Sharing my passions with special travellers. Connecting special travellers with local experts"


2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016 Certificate of Excellence on TRIPADVISOR

Collaborating with National e International LUXURY TRAVEL AGENCIES

Included in RICK STEVES SPAIN guide 2019

Ranking  #1 in flamenco lessons in Seville, Spain on TRIPADVISOR *****

Ranking #1 in flamenco lessons in Seville, Spain on AIRBNB EXPERIENCES *****

Ranking #1 in flamenco lessons in Seville, Spain on GET YOUR GUIDE *****


"I believe it would be good for everybody to know that I start all my workshops and classes from zero, specially flamenco lessons. Learning from zero, as an adult, could be hard, so I adjust my classes to my pupils skills. I am a specialist in teaching beginners and absolute beginners. A perfect ejecution is not needed. I wish you would  enjoy a high energetical & empowering experience. Keep calm and have lots of fun!"

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