GROUP Unique 1st Flamenco Dance with full flamenco studio outfit

Unique 1st Flamenco Master Class in smart groups up to 6 people!

Flamenco Dancing Lessons with complete outfit

Monday to Friday 12 - 1 PM


  • NEW SEASSON starting on 28.08.17 . Not available in August
  • Only bookings in advanced. Minimun participants per booking 1 person

Immerse yourself into the Flamenco culture at a professional flamenco studio in Triana, the most emblematic hood. Everybody can enjoy dancing flamenco with a local taste! Enjoy my special private flamenco classes for beginners and absolute beginners! Learn Flamenco Culture!

Are you a beginner or an absolute beginner? Are you interested in learning a bit more about Flamenco?   Do not care about it. Flamenco is not easy at all , so you will enjoy your first flamenco lesson in exclusive and smart groups from 1 to 6 people specially if you start from the very beginning.

The Flamenco dance lesson will start from zero and you'll learn some of Flamenco's basic  body position, basic arms-hands and foot work. After feeling confortable with them, you will be ready to learn and dance a fun flamenco routine in one flamenco style with local taste. During the last 10min, you can record it on your phone or take pictures to keep flamenco memories forever.

If you arger for more, try the 1hr Flamenco Origins, Styles, Rhythms and Palmas open group class. You will learn origins and why Triana is so important in Flamenco.  Getting to know the diffences between the professional and local flamenco and the distintive flamenco elements, will allow you to understand better the following flamenco dance lesson and following shows.  You will go on the clapping, learning how to do the palms in the most popular flamenco styles. I will guide you singing at the same time

If later attending a Flamenco venue, this will give you a better understanding of the difficulties and the hours of practice it requires and you will appreciate better its intensity. Ask for your best Flamenco Venue options

  • ScheduleMonday-Friday 12 - 1PM 
  • ​In case classes become full I´ll open addtional classes
  • Duration: 1h
  • Price: From 30€/person
  • Includes: Flamenco Dance Class and complete flamenco studio outfit: 
    • ​for female: flamenco shoes, flamenco studio skirt, flamenco shawl "mantoncillo" and flamenco big flower
    • for male: flamenco shawl "pañuelo" and black flamenco "chaleco" 
  • Group size: Minimum 1 person / Maximum 6 people
  • For who? Children from 8 y.o.
  • Meeting point: at Flamenco Studio in Triana distric. 10 mins walking distance from the city center
  • Languages: English, Deutsch and Español



+34 626 00 78 68 

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